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Storeys Cafe Adds Some Fun to the Richmond Chamber Golf Tournament

Golf enthusiasts came together on June 18th at the Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club to partake in the 35th annual Richmond Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament.

Perched on the 17th hole of the spectacular Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club, Storeys Cafe delighted golfers with fresh wraps, lemonade and a twist on the classic rules of a Texas Scramble. Golfers rolled a giant dice to help them select the "correct" club to tee off.

Golfer's who had the misfortune of rolling a putter or a chipping wedge had the option of holding on to their driver by making a

small change to their attire.

Fun loving participants, donned chef's hats, Storeys Cafe aprons and eyeglasses in celebration of Fresh Food for a Cause.

Little did we know, that in fact Storeys Cafe aprons were a lucky charm. The best shots of the day were all made by golfers in aprons! Thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun.


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